Here is a 4 part large scale
for your Amphicar
print out all 4 sections on 8 1/2 X 11 and tape them together
for an easy to follow wiring diagram
I used glossy photo paper for a great, clear diagram.

These color diagrams are copyrighted by me
and are for the express personal use of any viewer and/or Amphicar owner.
They are not to be reproduced for sale or personal gain of any sort.
They may be distributed by the IAOC (International Amphicar Owners Club)
on their website for personal use of members

(Many thanks to the folks at Gordon Imports Home of the Amphicar,
for providing the black and white diagrams for coloring!)

cheyenne normandie

See the restoration of the WORLD RECORD AMPHICAR here and watch the video of it's sale at Barrett-Jackson

Current Amphicar project below
scheduled for spring 2010