Here is what it looked like before beginning the restoration

This Metropolitan was in very good condition and had been recently painted when I purchased it. BUT...
the paint job was very poor quality and the previous owner painted over all the little dents and dings in the body
and was real proud of the fact that there was "no bondo" on the car.
The 'stigma' for "bondo" came from the old days when people would stuff newspaper into rust holes
 in cars and smear bondo over them to fill the holes and then sand and paint the area "repaired".
There is none of that on this car.
It was a rust free body including the original rust free floors,
with only a small repair done to the bottom front corner of the driver door
and the front of the passenger side rocker.
Both areas were cut out well beyond the rust areas and repair patches cut to fit the hole
and the patches were 'butt welded' in place and not overlapped.
Overlapping creates areas for dirt and moisture to accumulate and rust begins anew.
During the restoration this car was also thoroughly coated in hidden areas
with rust neutralizer and rust preventative chemicals from Eastwood.
As you'll see in the photos below there is plenty of 'bondo' on the car now used ONLY for smoothing.
Any classic car that you see that is "laser straight" has bondo all over it just as you'll see in these photos.
This car is STRAIGHT!
Likely the best looking, most thoroughly and correctly restored one you'll ever see.
This Metropolitan restoration is "over the top"!
You can click on the small pictures below to enlarge them. Enjoy the pictures!

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    Stripped and spinning         solid bottom            all the paint fell off           parts to sandblast      parts sandblasted      parts painted      more parts painted

               Rear axle                  Bondo!            new primer     interior painted         exterior painted        masking removed    more parts painted        

   Parts ready            New Brakes             detailed bottom             back on all 4            new top                  side view          front view      

Engine before            Tranny apart                   Rebuilt engine             New Front Seat             Rear seat                       Door panel


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